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Pray, Pray, Pray

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
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Over the course of the summer, several in the congregation have been participating in a summer study series on the subject of prayer.  I am grateful for each one who has taken time out of their schedule to participate, and it is my hope and prayer that each one’s prayer life has been enriched in some way as a result of learning some new things.  In my humble opinion, prayer is the most powerful tool we have in our spiritual toolbox.  I sometimes wonder, however, if it is sorely underused.  We may think of prayer as our going to God to ask Him for something such as healing, direction, protection, etc., and that certainly is part of it; but how much do we listen to God when we pray?  A large part of the class has been learning to listen for God.  But listening to God is not just for those who have been participating in the class over the summer.  My hope is that each one of us will practice talking less and listening more to what God might say to us as individuals and as a church.  Yes...I said as a Church, because each one of us (whether we are a member or we are a regular participant at FCC Moore) are the Church, and we are all called to pray for the well-being and the vision/mission of the church.  Praying for the church is not just asking for what we want, praying for the church is actively listening for what God might be instructing us to do and be in the community of Moore, Oklahoma and beyond.  For the past week, several groups at FCC Moore have engaged in conversation about our vision and mission.  Our cabinet (consisting of our Board officers and ministry team leaders) met yesterday and created three goals to work on until we meet again.  The first goal is to pray individually, together as leaders in the church, AND as a congregation (that includes each of you) for God to reveal to us what God would like us to be and how we might better obey His command to carry the message of hope to the world as we share Jesus in everything we do and say.  The second goal is to be in conversation with as many people as possible in the church about where we might sense God leading us as a congregation.  My thought is that as we commit to pray, God will begin to show us what God desires us to do and be as a congregation.  As we talk about it...God will help us discern His direction through common thoughts or ideas that just seem to dovetail together.  That brings me to our third goal which is to listen to what is being said and to discern how we might be able to move forward. 
I have been in prayer for each of you and for this church since BEFORE I arrived in Moore.  I know God has a plan, and He has brought us together in this time and place for His purpose.  Every one of us plays an important role in that plan.  Even if you are not in a leadership role in the church right now, what you discern through prayer is very important as you are the Church.  So I want to encourage you to join in this effort.  Start with prayer!  Let’s not just ask God for what we want the church to be and do, but let’s ask God for what He wants.  Let’s ask Him to direct our thoughts and give us wisdom; and as He brings that to the surface of our minds as we sit and listen, (we may have to listen for days, weeks, or even months...but don’t give up!) let’s begin to have some conversation.  You may want to come and talk to me, or you may want to reach out to your elder or to someone in a leadership role in the church so they can share your suggestion on your behalf.
PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!  We can’t pray enough.  We need everyone involved, so please commit to pray!

~ Pastor Shannon
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